Check out the trailer for Dear White People Vol. 2 Out May 4th!  (You'll see a familiar face at the very end).

I was lucky enough to play 'Ethan' on a couple episodes of Season Two of the hit Netflix show 'Dear White People'!  Coming to y'all Spring of 2018 on Netflix.


Check out the trailer for 'The Candle', the latest short i worked on with my longtime collaborator and friend Nasser Samara.  Check out for more info.

My last episode of 'The Middle' Season 8 just aired this Tuesday, check out the clip below!

Ive been GIF'd! Check out my scenes in my latest episode of 'The Middle' belowwww.

Check out clips from my latest episodes of Westworld and The Middle below!  K thx byeee.

Lot of exciting stuff coming up in the following week.  Check out my episode of 'Westworld' on HBO - the series finale next Sunday December 4th. And then the following Tuesday December 6th my second episode of 'The Middle' airs on ABC.

Just wrapped two episodes of 'Westworld' for HBO.  The new series coming to you Fall of 2016. 

Check out my latest scenes from 'The Middle' on ABC.  I play Tyler, the campus safe ride driver.

Just shot an episode of 'The Middle' on ABC.  

Look out for me as 'Tyler' on Wednesday February 24th at 8p on ABC!


Here i am in a massive chair going on a power trip thanks to FedEx.

Check out my latest guest spot from 'Fresh Off the Boat' on ABC!

Look out for my episode of Fresh off the Boat this Weds, February 4th at 9:30 on ABC.  It's gonna be the second episode airing that night following the premiere an hour earlier.  I get a vegetable thrown at my head.  Check it out.