Check out the trailer for 'The Candle', the latest short i worked on with my longtime collaborator and friend Nasser Samara.  Check out for more info.

3/20/17: My last episode of 'The Middle' Season 8 just aired this Tuesday, check out the clip below!

2/21/17: Ive been GIF'd! Check out my scenes in my latest episode of 'The Middle' belowwww.

12/11/16: Check out clips from my latest episodes of Westworld and The Middle below!  K thx byeee.

11/29/16:  Lot of exciting stuff coming up in the following week.  Check out my episode of 'Westworld' on HBO - the series finale next Sunday December 4th. And then the following Tuesday December 6th my second episode of 'The Middle' airs on ABC.

5/1/16: Just wrapped two episodes of 'Westworld' for HBO.  The new series coming to you Fall of 2016. 

3/5/16: Check out my latest scenes from 'The Middle' on ABC.  I play Tyler, the campus safe ride driver.

1/15/16: Just shot an episode of 'The Middle' on ABC.  

Look out for me as 'Tyler' on Wednesday February 24th at 8p on ABC!


11/15/16: I think this is my fave ep of the web series HOARS i did.  Check it out.

7/9/15: Here i am in a massive chair going on a power trip thanks to FedEx.

3/24/15: Check out my latest guest spot from 'Fresh Off the Boat' on ABC!

2/3/15: Look out for my episode of Fresh off the Boat this Weds, February 4th at 9:30 on ABC.  It's gonna be the second episode airing that night following the premiere an hour earlier.  I get a vegetable thrown at my head.  Check it out.

4/15: Watch out for me on GLEE tonight!  I'll be fangirling over Artie for a moment or two.  Don't blink or you might miss it!